At Hummingbird and Lion we use tiny prints and large scale art to keep BEAUTY front of mind.  

The essence of beauty is to bring peace and grace.  It can be tapped into easily when in nature, and it exists in the faces that surround us and the acts of kindness that occur minute by minute. When we connect to this ever-present beauty, life sparkles.  

We hope our art prints serve as a constant and gentle reminder to lean in, look closer, and see the extra-ordinary in the world around us.  We draw attention to the common and mundane - like gum trees and bark - using light and composition to elevate these "ordinary" subjects to the magical.

Our prints are designed for this purpose, in natural colours and muted tones selected to compliment interior spaces.



The Hummingbirds are tiny fine art prints which invite you to look a little closer.  To see the beauty and the detail we might otherwise miss.  

Printed on A4 high quality 300gsm cotton paper, lightly textured, with words beautifully letterpressed into the card.  The message is designed to be minimal - almost invisible - a beautiful background noise.

Our Lions are oversized fine art prints which are feature pieces for interiors.  All photos are designed to highlight the beauty in the everyday - whether that be the mundane, the normal or the magical.  Beauty is everywhere,  when we choose to see it.   

The large scale prints are all 100 cm x 670cm and are giclee printed on high quality archival textured cotton rag, with an additional 5 cm white border.    Each Lion comes accompanied with a seriously minimal A4 print to hang alongside, letter-pressed with a message which invites us to consider how easily we see the beauty around us, and how we can expand to let more of it in.



Liana McCluskey is a photographer based in the Northern Rivers of NSW.  She is drawn to photographing landscapes and macro images, and spends hours discussing the big topics with the plethora of other artists and friends that make this region home.  Liana is keen to explore the role of beauty, gender, masculine/feminine energy and education through her photography over time.  She is based at a studio in M-Arts precinct in Murwillumbah, and always happy for a chat if you're passing by.